12 Good Prompts For Writing An Essay About Confidence

Essay writing is one of those skills that many students struggle to accomplish. That is mostly because they just don’t know how to get started. However, by utilizing these prompts to get you started, you will soon find out that this task is a lot easier than you thought at first. Read through these prompts and they will help you develop a strong paper on confidence.

  1. If you had to explain confidence to someone from another country who speaks a different language, how would you explain it?
  2. What are some ways that you express that you are confident about something?
  3. When do you feel like you are the most confident?
  4. There are three people standing in the room and you have to pick out the one that is the most confident. How would you be able to decide the one that is the most confident without talking to any of them?
  5. What are some ways people gain confidence?
  6. How can someone lose confidence?
  7. Can you be confident without being cocky?
  8. Can someone be born confident or is it just something that they learn?
  9. Does authority automatically give you confidence?
  10. Are there career paths were it is essential to be confident?
  11. Do confident people have a lot of friends?
  12. Do you associate confidence with popularity?

These prompts can give you an idea of what you will write your paper on. They will help you develop your ideas, so that you can write a solid paper.

Answer the proposed question and then tell your readers why. The paper will start off with a little introduction to set the stage and then you will prove your answer to the prompt by using evidence. This will create an effective paper that is sure to always get a decent grade even if you really don’t understand the prompt fully. This method will help you ace this paper and move on to the billion more you will have to write after it. You want to master this assignment and move on.

So when you are writing a paper on confidence, you will need to keep in mind that distractions will only pull away from the quality of the work. It will force you to develop your ideas and present them in a logical mann

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