List Of Narrative Essay Topics Worth Writing About

When writing a narrative essay you are being asked to give an opinion, an idea, a response to something and most often to tell a story about yourself. Narrative essays are fairly simple to write when you have a great topic. Here is a list of topics that worth writing about and sure to get your readers interested and invested in:

  1. Many people have fond memories of televisions shows or characters from their childhood. What were yours? Do other people your age have similar feelings towards these shows and characters or are you alone in your appreciation?

  2. Remember those picture books you enjoyed so much as a child? Which were your favorites? Did you own them or did you have to go to a library to read them? What happened to them?

  3. Going back to your childhood, what do you think was your most precious possession? What about this item made it so different from the rest of things you owned? Be creative in your response.

  4. Were you ever embarrassed for liking certain things? Was it a song? A band? Was it an actress or actor? Perhaps it was a film or book? Has your opinion changed in time?

  5. Is there a place from your childhood that you loved visiting? When was the last time you went there? Who did you visit this location with?

  6. What do you think is the most important lesson you have picked up in life? When did that lesson occur? Do you think that if others were in your shoes they would have learned the same lesson?

  7. What advice would you give yourself if you can go back and time and speak with your 10 year old self? Would you warn against something or encourage action towards something you didn’t do?

  8. What do you believe the older generations misunderstand about you now? Do you think the tendency for misunderstanding is universal and occurs across generations in every era?

  9. What has been the greatest accomplishment in your life? Was it difficult, easy, or unexpected? Why have you chosen this above others? Do others appreciate it nearly as much as you do?

  10. Consider the belief that people become their parents as they age. What have you gained from your parents? What makes you different from them? What about other aspects of your personality. Do they come from someone else?
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