Unidentified Flying Objects: What Are They Really?

There have always been unexplainable phenomena. There are stories dating back to the advent of writing and even when there were only oral traditions to rely on that describe things that still have no explanation. Chief among these have been those on thing in the sky that cannot be identified. They may fly to quickly to be birds. In modern times they may be shaped too oddly or disappear to quickly to be known air-crafts. This essay looks into some of the reasons that this phenomena persists.

Extra terrestrial life forms

This is the one that people most often associate with the term ‘UFO’. When strange things are seen in the sky, often at night, people who believe in intelligent life outside of this Earth or even the solar system may decide that that is the cause. There are reasons to believe they might be right. The universe is a very large place. There are innumerable planets in our own galaxy, the Milky Way. Some of these were unknown until recently when advances in scientific methods of discovery began to come about quite rapidly. There are quite a few which appear very Earth like and may host their own intelligent life. Even within our own small corner of the universe, Neptune has oceans under a layer of ice which could harbor some type of life form. It is not unreasonable to think life exists and may visit our planet in strange crafts.

Divine visitors

The older explanation for a UFO was that the gods were visiting or sending their messengers. This might be to mete out punishment or to give blessings. Records of these types of encounters can be found in all of the major religious texts. Some are more detailed than others and when viewed analytically they strongly resemble the modern stories of UFOs that most of us are more familiar with.

Military secrets

There have always been secrets that governments keep from their citizens. Some of these will involve military technology that they are not ready to reveal to their enemies so that an advantage is maintained. Several UFOs have actually been proven to be advanced air-crafts.

As much as these reasons for this phenomena are all possible, there will always be people who are more convinced of one over the others. It is still difficult to prove in any case and all three may be at work at different times.

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