Creating An Outstanding Essay About Friendship In 5 Steps

So, you have got to write about friendship in your upcoming essay. Do you know how to start the assignment? Are you inexperienced in creation issues? Don't worry! In this article, we shall provide you with the tools that you require to successfully complete this task. What's more, we summarize this process in just 5 simple steps.

  1. Read some articles about friendship. Before you are ready to write this article, you should take a look at some ideas by other authors. Most of the time, reading allows us to catch interesting points of view on the subject we want to develop.
  2. Create an outline that focuses on this topic. Now that you have some ideas., you should proceed to the next step: creating the draft. First of all, think about the structure that best suits you for this task. Next, work on this outline. Important: this step is still prior to the creation process; you should focus on outlining the whole text.
  3. Work on your 'reader-friendly' article. Once you have the draft, you are able to start writing your article. If you have any ideas that do not quite fit into a place within the text, write it down separately. It is useful to have some notes to consult as you progress in the creation. You may find the right fit later. However, it would be a pity to miss a catchy phrase because you forget to jot down some words, don't you think? I talk from self-experience!
  4. Avoid:

    • Creating unnecessarily long paragraphs.
    • Using word that you are unfamiliar with.
    • Overusing key words or terms.

    Focus on:

    • Being accurate in your statements.
    • Showing your vocabulary about the topic, i.e. why say friend all the time if you can refer to someone as mate, partner, colleague, buddy, etc.
    • Using different structures throughout the text.
  5. Refine the content. Be choosy. When you finish the article, you should re-read the whole document to improve the content. This is a common process that some rookies forget: correct your mistakes. Always! Most importantly, dedicate time to refine your own phrases and the synergy within the article.
  6. Check and revise! Last but not least, you ought to make sure about the correctness of the document regarding spelling, grammar rules and so on. Not to mention that other details are as important, such hyphenation or word capitalization.

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