How To Compose A Good Justice Definition Essay: Basic Tips

So you need to write a good justice definition essay, and you don't know where to begin. Right? Well, it's always best to start at the beginning, and any paper begins with thinking and researching!

What is a definition essay?

A definition essay is asking you to define a certain term- in this case: justice. That might not be as simple as it seems. Your first port of call should be the dictionary. You need to know what the standard definition of justice is before you can begin to elaborate more, and this is always a good place to begin your paper. Of course, you're not just being asked to repeat terms parrot fashion. This type of paper is asking you to consider what other people define the term as, and what you mean by it.

Different meanings to different people

Give plenty of examples of what the term means to different people. For starters, it could be legal or ethical justice you're referring to in your essay, and the two don't always go hand in hand.

Then, there's the fact that one person's meaning of the word wouldn't be somebody else's; someone out for revenge would say, “They got their just desserts!” but would justice have actually be served? Is it just to implement the death penalty? Is war ever justified? Was the spread of Christianity's missions just? Was fairness accomplished in the varying threads of those subjects?

Always remember to research!

Justice can be a complicated thing, so you do need to have a good think about not only the definition of the word but also how it is changed in various contexts.

As well as having a good philosophical and ethical chat with yourself about it all, you'll most certainly want to know what other renowned figures have to say. I'm sure there are many quotes, books and articles out there about the subject.

Don't overdo it!

It's important to refine your definitions of the term so that you do not try to overdo it. Keep things clear and concise and back up your ideas and examples.

Start composing

Once you have established what area of the definition you wish to explore, you can go about structuring your paper accordingly, with a sufficient introduction to the subject, a body of rich content with plenty of relevant references, and a pertinent conclusion. You can't fail to succeed!

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