7 Things To Keep In Mind Searching For An Extended Essay Example

Writing an extended essay is mandatory for some programs. It may be up to 4000 words in length and the student is expected to conduct independent research or investigation. Usually the student chooses a topic of interest to them. It’s not a surprise that many students will be looking online for an example. This is a great way to have a map to follow. The example shows you first-hand what the finished product should look like.

Important things to keep in mind

Here are some guidelines you should follow when searching for your example:

  1. Since finding examples online is a growing business, more and more sites are popping up than ever before. Beware of scams and sites that don’t use native English writers. You don’t know the quality of their work until you’ve paid your money and then you can’t get it back. Only choose a well-established writing company with positive feedback.
  2. If the paper is available at no cost, it might not be trustworthy. You would do better to pay a small fee and get something of quality you can trust.
  3. Sample papers can improve your grade if you use them right. Make sure you use it as an example only, and don’t try to put your name on it and hand it in. Avoid academic dishonesty and plagiarism.
  4. Choose a paper that follows the same guidelines your teacher has set out for you. They include length, category, and style formatting.
  5. A simple web search should turn up many choices for what you are looking for. However, don’t let that overwhelm your decision. Make sure to contact customer service before you place your order to make sure a real person contacts you back. If you have any questions about your order you’ll want to have some good support.
  6. Contact your friends who have written their paper in the past and ask for some advice. Where did they buy their example? How did they use it? What suggestions do they have for you?
  7. Use the example to show you how to properly transition from one paragraph to the next. This is an essential skill yet many students neglect it. Example papers are usually written by professional writers who are expert at transitions.

An example can give you the boost in help you need to get from a mediocre paper to an exceptional one.

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