Composing An Effective Literary Essay: Tips From An Expert

There are numerous works of astounding order floating on this planet; great books, movies, pieces of art; scientific assertions, et al. When you are asked to review the work and write a cathartic piece on it; it is termed as a literary essay.

Follow the framework

The framework is the same. You need to streamline the structure like a fish with the meat residing in the Body and the Introduction and Conclusion being of shorter size. It is what you furnish in the framework which is of value.

You need to follow certain tips to carve out a potent literary essay –

  • Absorbing the content – You need to go through the content with a toothcomb, picking out major extracts as also the standing theory of the book. You should essay the strengths and weaknesses of the narrative, as well as pivotal points of the piece.
  • Critical analysis – You should critically analyze the various characters of the book and assess whether they own their place. This is to say whether they are absolutely essential to the spirit of the book. You should trace the characters in rhythm with the period the book works on.
  • The perspective – Elaborate on spaces which could have been handled differently, or with a different perspective. It is true that hindsight is a genius. The writer did not have the facility of carefully analyzing the book while writing it; this is the facility accorded to you. So utilize it in your literary essay.
  • Relevance – Since you have picked the book for a literary essay, the book must be having some merit. You should gauze its relevance value. The book should ideally be relevant even years after and appear fresh. A classic example of this is George Orwell’s 1984, which looks fresh even in this day and time.
  • Emphasize on consistency – The problem with most books is that writers envision a super conclusion and move their narrative towards that conclusion. This is why most books lack consistency; either the middle phase is half-baked or the conclusion does not suit the rhythm of preceding chapters. You need to address this issue in the literary essay.
  • Denude the layers – Intelligent writers often subtly hint at something else through their linear book. You must use your insight to find out what inner layers the book contains. This will give your review an exalted dimension. You will give the readers a different reason to go through the book. This is a vast responsibility!
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