Tips For Creating An Impressive High School Essay On A Journey

Writing on journey and trips forms the part of the descriptive essay and is one of the most common topics given to the students to write in the schools. This is generally given to the students to see how well they can define a given topic or a situation. This type of writing is also easier for the students to write because they can write something from their own experience here or what they have already seen or known. However, many students find it difficult to accumulate all the points related to travel or journey and create a compact and well-organized writing. So, for their benefit, they can visit this website to get some hints on how to write such topics.

In order to create discourse on journey, you need to follow certain guidelines:

Essential Tips

  • While writing a descriptive type of writing, a student must divide the entire write-ups in an introduction, the body and the conclusion.
  • In the introduction, you must write why it is essential to undertake a trip. Don’t write someone else’s words but try to write something out of your own orientation. This will create a good impression on your teacher. Don’t stretch the introduction too long; keep it short and simple. Write the introduction in a single paragraph. You can also use any great journey related quotes or one-liners at the beginning of the introduction which will make your writing more interesting.
  • In the body, you should start from the point when you planned for the journey. Write about how excited you were to go on a trip after such a long time. While describing a particular place, you must write about your experience only. Your teacher wants to know about your experience and your perception about a particular location.
  • While you are writing you must not be too negative about anything, and you should omit some points wherever required. For example, if you didn’t like the service of the hotel you put up in, there is no need to mention it. Moreover, if you have gone for shopping, and the prices were too high, you can omit it from your writing. Write about your feelings and perceptions regarding the place; emphasise on your emotion beautifully
  • In the conclusion, you must mention what you achieved from the journey and why do you want to go back to that place over and over again.

These are some of the guidelines by which you can create a compact write-up on journey.

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