Theories that Explain the Origin of Life

Several of us are curious about the origin of life including our own existence. There have been several attempts to explain the origin of life on the earth. Several theories, therefore, came up trying to explain the origin of life. Unfortunately, each theory gives a different account of the origin of life. Some of the theories include the special creation theory, Theory of spontaneous generation, and Theory of Chemical Evolution. The theory of special creation, for example, suggests that the origin of life is God. Christians believe that everything on earth including all living creatures was created by God and thus He is the origin of life. Hindus also believe that the God of creation is the origin of life and according to His will God of creation created and brought to existence life. The Sikh believes that using His word of mouth, God brought everything to life and thus He is the origin of life. According to the special creation theory, it does not indicate any changes living creatures undergo in the course of life since creation. The special creation theory is the most popular especially among people of the different faiths.

Evolution Theory and the Origin of Life

Another name for the evolution theory that tries to explain the origin of life is a physic-chemical theory. It is also referred to as a Materialistic theory. Evolution theory was first suggested by a Russian A.I Oparin, who was a scientist. This was in the year 1923. In 1928 English scientist, Haldane proposes the same theory to support the origin of life. However, the two scientists proposed the theory independently. According to the theory of evolution, the chemical ovulation that occurred several years ago, was gradual and slow and was the origin of life. According to the theory, originally the earth surface and the atmosphere existed but are different from what they were. The energy that supported the chemical reactions came from the sun, the lighting and radiated heat from the sun. The theory indicates how spontaneous life generation under the environmental situations was impossible. Originally atmosphere on earth was reducing but not oxidizing.

Spontaneous Theory and the Origin of Life

According to the theory, life arose spontaneously and suddenly from existing other non living materials e.g. Leaves from trees and manure were said to bring forth insects and worms. However, experiments conducted and results led to the theory being disapproved.

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