17 Interesting Topics For Writing College-Level Essays

College-level essays are a fabulous opportunity to explore a very wide array of different, challenging, and controversial ideas. There’s little value in re-hashing clear-cut and contentious issues. Rather, target topics that will keep students and teachers alike engaged. Who knows… Both may learn something! In that spirit, here are our suggestions of college essay samples.

  1. Would people rather be blind or deaf? How do their choices depend on their circumstances, age, occupation, income, or other variables?
  2. Would you be willing to reduce your life span by 10 years to give another person one year of extra life?
  3. What are the problems (ethical and technological), and potential solutions related to stem cell research?
  4. How do Indian reservations compare to other communities, such as the Kibbutzim?
  5. How can societies decrease youth violence effectively, without impinging on the rights and developmental needs of youngsters?
  6. Should tobacco companies be made responsible for smokers' health?
  7. How do racism, hate crimes and freedom of expression relate? How can the different rights be balanced in a free and democratic society?
  8. What's the long-term solution to energy consumption, given increasing challenges in energy production?
  9. Are senior citizens victims of age discrimination? If so, how can the discrimination be lessened? If not, how can the perceptions be addressed?
  10. Is it right for scientists to create new life forms? If so, what restrictions or controls should be adopted worldwide?
  11. What's the solution to terrorism? Can a “war on terrorism” ever be effective? What other approaches might work?
  12. Should landmines be internationally banned? If so, why should all weapons not be banned?
  13. What should be done so that youths don't want to join gangs? If they do join gangs, how can they be effectively encouraged to leave, particularly before they engage in criminal or violent behaviours?
  14. What role should developed countries play in fighting world hunger? Do they have a responsibility based on their past actions, or is it exclusively a moral argument that must be made?
  15. Do religious minorities offer diversity that enriches communities, or do they threaten security? To what degree should such communities be integrated into existing majorities, without threatening their identity?
  16. Do the media's images of females promote violence against women? Or are we looking for blame in all the wrong places?
  17. How have our definitions of heroism changed, if at all, through time? Such as between the heroes of World War I, and the heroes of more recent conflicts, such as the Gulf War?
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