Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor holds an important place in the history of Human warfare and especially in World War II. Pearl Harbor is often known as a lagoon Island situated on the western side of Honolulu and is the main base of U.S. Naval base. In the year 1887, The United States Govt. bought this island for using it as its shipping warehouse. Presently, it serves as the headquarters of the United States Pacific fleet. During the Second World War, Japan attacked and bombed the island of Pearl Harbor which forced the United States into the warfare scene. The attack was carried out on December 7, 1941, Sunday. Pearl Harbor has derived its name due to its shape and from an aerial view the island looks like scattered white pearl in the water. Today, there is also a Pearl Harbor wildlife refuge situated there and the place is mostly used by the naval forces of the United States who initially showed interest due to easy access and strategically position to various popular and convenient trade routes. Apart from the trading affairs, the Spanish –American War of 1898 and latter’s desire to take possession and control of the Pacific led to the Reciprocity Treaty between the United States and the Hawaiian Kingdom following which The United States gained possession and control over the Pearl Harbor.

But, Pearl Harbor became famous across the world and occupied an important and permanent position in the world history due to being the victim of the bombardment and attack by the Japanese Kingdom during the Second World War. The United States decided to make Pearl Harbor its Naval Headquarters in the year 1899 and since then the island has seen U.S. Naval presence.

The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Imperial army was initially meant as a preventive attack to prevent the United States from helping the United Kingdom, Netherlands and other European Nations with Military forces but instead it paved the way for the entrance of the United States in the Second World War. The attack was carried out on Sunday which initially caught the U.S forces by surprise, and 2,403 Americans were killed and another additional 1,178 Americans were injured and many aircrafts and fleets of the United States were also destroyed which in turn caused severe damage to the military and naval strength of the U.S Military forces. In turn, The United States declared its participation in the Second World the same day, and the attack was reciprocated by the U.S forces on the very same day.

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