Selecting Powerful Descriptive Essay Topics for Middle School

Middle school students have to learn how to compose powerful descriptive essays. This type of academic writing helps them practice making detailed descriptions of places, situations, people, and events. It’s important to select an interesting study subject, so you’ll have fun working on your assignment. The following directions will help you choose a right topic for you and develop a strong main statement:

  1. Get the requirements from your teacher and study them carefully.
  2. Usually, teachers tell their students what topics they should consider and what resources can help students write great papers. Keep in mind that you should get your essay idea approved before you start to work on the paper’s outline.

  3. Find a descriptive essay writing manual.
  4. If you don’t know how to select a powerful topic, it’s recommended to go to the school library and find an essay writing manual. Typically, such manuals contain a section that describes how to come up with a good title, what sources to use, and how to write an essay effectively. To save time, you can ask a librarian to help you.

  5. Brainstorm potential descriptive essay ideas.
  6. It’s a good idea to brainstorm assignment topics together with your friends. After you get a list of potential ideas, you should select two or three of them that you like the most and write down facts and characteristics of your study subject. This will help you understand what you can write about and what materials you need to complete the assignment.

  7. Find informational sources about your chosen subject.
  8. You can write about a historical event, tourist attraction, or famous personality. However, you’ll have to gather all the necessary data and materials to make your paper interesting for your readers. By working with different sources, you learn more about your topic and might realize that you should narrow it down or specify somehow.

  9. Write body paragraphs first.
  10. Many middle school students agree that it’s easier to compose body paragraphs before writing an introduction. Since your introduction paragraph should introduce your essay idea, it’s advisable to work on the body paragraphs first, figure out the main idea, and then describe it in the first paragraph.

  11. Check whether your text corresponds to the topic after you prepare your first draft.
  12. After your first draft is ready, you should revise your assignment to make sure that every sentence helps to develop your main idea. If you find that your topic isn’t developed enough, you should refine it or add other details to the paper.

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