The Role of First Ladies

First lady refers is an informal term referring to the spouse or wife of President, a male who heads a state or a chief executive. This title stems from Anglo-Saxon whereby it’s originated from United States of America when it was used to refer to Martha Washington who was the wife of President George. However this title was sometimes used to President Daughters’ when they filled the First ladies duties if the wife of the president had deceased, was unwilling or unable. Therefore, First ladies have various roles which function to support the effective functioning of the president since they affect their personal and public life, social attitude and political power and career.

Role of Michele Obama

Michele is the current first lady of United States of America. She performs various roles which strongly impact the President and America at large. This through inspiring young people in America to complete their education past high school such as enrolling and completing college ,university, professional training program me. Through this, the young people will take charge of their lives and future. She did this by launching an initiative known as Reach Higher (2014) whose objective was to ensure that all students understand the necessities required to finalize their education through exposing them to career and college opportunities, understand financial aid eligibility, encouraging students to enroll in colleges by working hand in hand with school counselors and promoting summer tuition and academic planning.

In addition to that Michele Obama empowers women in America and across the world. This is seen in a LET GIRLS LEARN a program me that she launched to assist girls across the globe to enroll in school and finalize their education. In response to that program me she is also inviting other nations across the world to support her to empower young women and encourage them to commit to their education.

Lastly, the First lady continues to support military families, inspire young people to live and fulfill their dreams and helping children to live healthy lives.

Role of Margaret Kenyatta

Being the wife of Kenyan current President Margaret various roles have strongly and positively impacted Kenya and the world at large. For example, she launched Beyond Zero Campaign whose objective is to create awareness and raise funds to handle maternal and child health issues, HIV Transmission from mother to child. The campaign aims to reduce HIV transmission from mother to child and reduce maternal deaths of mothers and children during births. Lastly she also appears to state function like many other presidents’ wives and hence building a strong political power and career for the president.

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