Choosing Good Argumentative Essay Topics On Quitting Smoking

Argumentative essays are relatively easy to write as long as you have an interesting topic. Writing this kind of assignment doesn’t have to be frustrating. If you’re struggling with it, then keep reading this page for some great tips. Starting this type of homework requires some dedication and focus. If you’re working on it at home, you might want to change locations because of noise and possible distraction. Using a library or a place to study at your school are good options for writing assignments.

Topic choice for argumentative essays

Now let’s get down to what you’re going to write about. There are a lot of people in the world who want to quit smoking, but how can you narrow it down? Your essay should have more of a focus and specific scope. Here are some ideas:

  • How to quit smoking over age 50
  • Quitting smoking can lengthen your life
  • Not smoking is more attractive
  • It’s easy to use nicotine gum to quit smoking

You can start doing your research from that. Team up with classmates or talk to your teacher if you want to brainstorm more ideas and figure out how you can write about it. It’s often the case that you get stuck on the writing and it takes another person’s help to get unstuck. If you’re frustrated with your homework, get a buddy to talk about it.

Using your topic to write the essay

The next step is doing research. Look up anything you can about quitting smoking and find resources you can cite in the paper. Here are a few places to look for more sources:

  • Public library
  • Your school library
  • News sites
  • Scientific studies about smoking
  • The internet in general
  • Talking to someone you know who has or is trying to quit smoking

How you go about writing the rest of your assignment depends on what requirements your teacher has given you. Look at the structure and format guidelines to make sure you can get the highest grade possible. It isn’t just about the content and research but following instructions as well. It’s easy enough to set the correct margins, double space the text and other small things that show you can be professional with your homework writing. If you aren’t sure about something, you should ask your teacher to double check that you’ve done everything you need to.

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