What Is An Exploratory Essay: A Detailed Guide

If you’ve been asked to write an exploratory essay then you may be wondering what will be required of you. One thing to be aware of is that an exploratory essay is similar to an academic paper that is written in argumentative style; however, you will be required to give more factual details, rather than trying to persuade the reader of a point of view.

  • Explaining to the reader about a certain subject
  • As mentioned, as part of this style of academic paper, you will be required to inform the reader about a specific subject. As a result, you will need to carry out any necessary research in order to find relevant facts that you can pass onto the reader.

    Whilst an argumentative style academic paper is trying to persuade the reader about a specific topic, you will simply be trying to explore more about a specific subject, so as to help the reader make up their own mind.

  • Looking at the subject from different points of view
  • Due to the fact that you’re trying to provide the reader with as much information about a topic as necessary, it is a good idea to look at the subject from as many different points of view as required.

    Rather than simply looking at the subject from a point of view that you most agree with, you should include any opposing stances that can be made on the subject as well. This enables the reader to understand more about the topic that you are discussing, without necessarily having their thoughts and ideas on the subject directed by your opinions.

  • How to assemble the body section of your paper
  • Like most academic papers, an exploratory essay will include an introduction and a conclusion. Equally, you will be required to write a body section. As part of the body section you will essentially be introducing various points or details about the subject that you are discussing.

    Ideally, each new paragraph will identify a new point for you to discuss. In order to structure the essay with as much clarity as possible, it can be good idea to use topic sentences. A topic sentence will introduce each new paragraph, and will include details about the topic, as well as any controlling ideas, which will give the reader a further understanding of what approach you wish to take when discussing this particular detail.

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