The Deviance Of Homelessness

A homeless person is usually treated as less than human by the general public when these people may have been more than average before the unfortunate incident that put them in this situation. Some individuals may even go as far as considering homelessness to be a disease or deformity and are more likely to do harm to a hobo than help them. Homelessness however, is not a fault of the victim, but a shortcoming of the society we are so proud of.

The socially displaced

In life, many unexpected things can happen, at any point in time, to anyone. Homeless people are often the victims of a heinous crime or natural accident that results in the loss of their homes, for example an earthquake or arson. After such instance, if the individual did not have measures in place in case of such an emergency, they can be left at the mercy of the streets. In other instances, a person may lose their job, or be involved in a family conflict, forcing them to leave their current dwellings, and if they have no other options, they can ultimately end up on the streets.

The options

As a person with no where to sleep, there are some options available, for example you can sleep at the community center or one of various shelters set up by the city council. Here you receive bedding and the ability to shower, some even provide a meal or two. Some people even choose to live their lives out of these shelters and they can be considered the real deviants. They choose homelessness as a way of life, unlike the majority who are forced into this lifestyle as a result of circumstance.

The Public

We often encounter dirty looking people on street sides and alleys, asking for money. The usual response is to turn our heads and continue walking, with few people actually giving them a penny or two. This practice of begging has proven quite profitable and studies have shown that professional beggars have chosen this as a way of earning a considerably lucrative living wage. Most street dwellers have no choice however, and its a shame that society is structured in a such a fashion that can allow a person to go without a roof over their heads, should they fail to posses the right type of ink on paper.

Homelessness should not be considered a deviation, it is a failure of our society, and we should all take blame for it.

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