Advancement in Computer Technology

Now a day we rely more on technology than our brains to get through the day. We skim through a lot of information as it is just a click away. Thanks to the computer with its developing features and technologies! The computer with its skilled technology is constantly dominating almost every walks of our life. By its developed, personalised device the computers have evolved through each and every generations. From locating our destined locales, booking a table to much sought after restaurant and in between forecasting the weather as well as extending its helping hand in bank services or guiding to our holiday destinations- undoubtedly is playing a pivotal role in every part of our life.

The viability of the future development strongly reckons on its technologies and their services. Like predicting with immaculate accuracy of the melting of the polar ice or suspected eruption of lava in some volcanoes. Through its fast-paced internet service computer has made the communication as fast as the blink of an eye resulting in sharing ideas, messages or awareness and has successfully made the society global. The emergence of coming of age technologies and cloud computing has increased the economy, commerce in incredible amount. Now a day computer is the new address for job-seekers and computer-based jobs requires nothing but manual labour due to its rewarding access to new emerging software. Now examining and evaluating patients and getting access to doctors is far quicker for the sake of computer. Besides regulating cars, telephones to cope up with our fast-pacing life it has become easily available for every large corporation across the world. It’s undeniable that computer has bridged the gap across the world irrespective of the distinction of geographical features. The recognition of the role of the computer is evident in many fields like exploration in a space or to have a cake walk to the moon.

Often we are now introduces to phrases like ‘the tame of nature’ or the ‘conquest of wild’ and so on. Apparently these phrases don’t add any value except showing open hostility towards nature. We can’t deny this fact that technology is important but not to that extent which will left a negative impact on our resources. Besides coming as a boon with its advance technology, computer often exhale radiation and harmful rays which leads to obesity and also affecting the lives of adults in an alarming rate. The fastest growing network Google has also pave the way for hackers and helps to peek into the life of people who are known as ‘Cyber-bully’. The Advancement in Computer technology is indeed a noble task but the hour for adherence towards computer needed to be decreased, otherwise we will get prone to artificial intelligence.

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