How to Write a Problem Solution Essay for Middle School

Writing a problem solution essay for middle school is only tough if you have no idea what to do. The main frame remains similar to those of other papers. It comes with an introduction, a body and a conclusion. However, there are distinctive features that will differentiate it from any other type of paper. These features include:-

The Title

The title must point at a problem that is affecting a recognizable group of people. Such a problem must exist now yet the affected people are struggling with the solution. The title should be enticing or captivating enough to capture the attention of your reader. It should point at a solution that is plausible compared to the solutions that exist at the moment.


This section should highlight the problem prevailing in the area. The problem must be genuine and bothersome to the population. At the introduction of your problem-solution essay, point at the solutions that are currently proposed or being used and why they have not eliminated the problem. This section is meant to familiarize your reader with the subject you are about to cover.

The Body

This is the section where you justify the solution that you are proposing. It is worth noting that the solutions are proposals that have never been tested. This means that there is no certainty that they will work. The approach is therefore predictive. You will be making a claim that you can provide a solution that is better than the existing one.

The solution you propose must meet two conditions:

  1. It must not have been tested and failed or been inadequate in the past. Such a solution would add no value to the argument at present.
  2. It must be logical- the solution you propose must be sensible. It must bring relief to the affected people. Such a solution must also be cost effective and easier to implement than the existing one.

The language for a problem solution essay for middle class should be simple and easy to understand. The problems chosen for attention should resonate with children at that stage. This calls for avoidance of problems that are beyond their understanding. Some of the best topics would include:-

  1. The best solution to bullying in schools
  2. How to prevent teen pregnancies
  3. How to improve the concentration of kids in class
  4. How can the school accommodate pupils with special needs
  5. How to end laziness and get people exercising
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