How To Do My Essay In 20 Minutes: Fail-Safe Guidelines

Sometimes, in the examination hall; you are too pestered by the language paper and solving the literary riddles takes up most of your time. You eventually realize that the one piece that you left for last has to be done in doubly quick time; say, 20 minutes. The piece happens to be your essay.

Writing fast

While the general feeling in such cases is to pen whatever comes to your mind; because you feel defeated about actually writing something methodical, the fact is that it can be done. Here are a few guidelines which can help you in writing your essay –

  • Think of writing prompt – The writing prompt spends you on the journey through the essay; you get catalyzed and galvanized and your train runs tut-tut. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with writing, so to speak.

  • Jot down points – You will need to jot three points relevant to the topic to lace the three middle paragraphs. In case, you cannot think of more than two; use the third paragraph in inserting the general perspective on the points. When you jot them down, all they require is elaboration and systematic enquiry.

  • The Introduction – The writing prompt takes care of starting the introduction on the mat. Now, you only need to weave a love story with the readers. Generate interest and also put them on the road-map. A well-written essay is directive in nature.

  • The Conclusion – All the while, think of a conclusion which gives your essay a sort of definition. You may endeavor to liberate the readers with an astounding denouement or an eye-opener. You may also stay on the matter with authority allowing minor tweaks to make the topic more graded.

  • The writing style – Your paragraphs should be similar-sized and lines compact yet biting. You should not use complex sentences as a rule; unless you deal with literature essays. Work on your writing style which should be pleasing to the eye and the palate.

  • Selection of topics – Choose those topics of which you have a decent understanding. When you pick topics you have only heard about front hid-person sources, the piece would be immature and will be more froth than bite. Making a proper selection is an art.

Also, you should work on the ability to write fast. If you abide by the given guidelines and moreover the instinct, you will find 20 minutes to be a respectable time period. The heart is always right.

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