Essential Advice on Writing an Academic Discursive Essay

Different from the argumentative paper assignment, the discursive essay provides a balanced or objective view on a specific topic. While you still can interject an opinion or side on the issue, the majority of the assignment should present both sides in an even manner to allow the reader to make his or her own choice. Here’s some essential advice on how to write a great academic discursive paper:

Choose a Specific Topic or Issue to Discuss in the Paper

After doing some background reading you should have enough information to choose a specific topic to focus on and discuss in the assignment. The topic shouldn’t be too broad that you can’t discuss it fully nor should it be too narrow that you can’t find enough information.

Conduct In-Depth Research Using Academic Sources

Now that you have chosen a specific topic and have gathered some background information, you can start doing the hard research you need to state your argument. It’s recommended you stick to using academic resources that are no older than three years.

Create an Outline of Your Main Discussion Points

Take your research notes and create a detailed outline of your main discussion points. Arrange each point logically so that the reader can make the most sense out of the information you are providing and the argument you are trying to make.

Start Writing the First Draft of the Discursive Assignment

After creating an outline you can start with the first draft. Do this without stopping to make corrections. The best academic writers insist that the most effective way of doing a first draft is quickly without breaking momentum. You will have plenty of opportunity to make corrections later, so don’t stop.

Revise the Content of Your Discursive Assignment

Set your paper aside for a few days before you come to it for revision. There are always ways to improve your writing, and if you approach it with a fresh and critical mind, you’ll see that you can make your presentation more effective by moving, adding, or removing content.

Edit and Proofread the Final Version of the Paper

Finally, in order to get the best possible grade on your assignment, you should always completely edit and proofread your work. Edit for sentence clarity and good word choice. Proofread your paper by looking for all instances of mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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