Key Concepts Of Leadership

Whether those that are good and effective leaders are born with these skills or learn the skills remains an issue of controversy. Some individuals hold the belief that real, effective and successful leaders are born with such expertise and capabilities. Others think that leadership skills are taught and learnt with time. However, the most important thing to remember is that leaders ought to be role models to their followers. A leader is also required to be participative in the group of followers he or she is in charge of as opposed to being authoritarian. A leader is expected to be motivational to group members and keep encouraging them. All efforts of a leader should be aimed at positively affecting the team members towards goal achievement.

Key Concepts of Leadership: Qualities of Good and Effective Leaders

For leaders to be successive in their role of leading followers towards goals and objectives achievement, they need to possess some qualities. Any leader who aims at success and making a positive impact on a group should be creative. Coming up with new ideas is vital as the leader can quickly solve and deal with challenges whenever they arise. New ideas can also be shared with group members to come up with great inventions for the benefit of all. A good leader should be motivational to the followers or group members. In case of challenges, the leader should encourage the members of the team to press on and be promoted. An effective leader is one who is always a good listener. Being keen on what the other group members have to say is very vital. This way, all ideas can be incorporated, and needs of all people are known to the leader who then becomes the problem solver. The leader should thus pose good problem-solving skills. Ambition should be part of any leader who aspires to success. The desire to achieve is also copied by the followers from their leader. A good leader needs to be responsive and not reactive. Taking decisions after considering options is also a requirement for leaders’ success.

Key Concepts of Leadership: Team Playing

A key concept of leadership is the team playing. Any leader who aspires to be successful must be a team player. One should be participative in the team one is leading. Supporting the team members, every step of the way is very important. The leader should also consider Opinions of the team members.

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