Creating An Elaborate Thesis Statement For A Problem Solution Essay

A problem solution essay essentially involves describing a potential problem, as well as giving details as to why it is a problem and how it can be solved. You will also then need to back up any suggestions you make about how it can be solved, using logical facts and reasoning.

If you’re using this style of essay for a thesis then you may well be required to write a thesis statement. The following outlines various things to consider in order to help you to write this section of the essay.

  • Picking the correct style of academic paper
  • Before you produce your statement section, you need to decide what style of academic paper you wish to use. For example, you may use an argumentative style, in which you simply put forward a range of arguments to back up any points that you make relating to how to solve the problem. Alternatively, you may take more than analytical or exploratory approach to the work.

    Once you have identified the style that you wish to use, you will then be able to work out what details to include in your statement. For example, you’ll be able to introduce the reader to the problem that you wish to solve, as well as perhaps providing them with any possible solutions.

  • Use appropriate evidence to support your claims
  • In order to solve the problem, you will need to back up any arguments that you make using appropriate evidence that has been obtained through the research of reliable and accurate resources. It is important that any sources that you use are not only verifiable, but appropriate, so as to support your claims. Essentially, you want logical evidence that is directly related to any methods or approaches that you are suggestions should be taken in order to solve the problem that you have discussed.

  • Make adjustments to the thesis statement when necessary and check its relevance before finishing
  • It may well be that you decide to write your thesis statement before doing the rest of the work. If this is the case then, at the end, having done the research and written any necessary arguments, you will then need to go back and check over the statement to ensure that it is still relevant to what you have written.

    For example, your initial approach to how you were going to solve the problem may have developed over time as you learned more about the topic and, therefore, the statement may no longer be as relevant as it should be.

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