The Complete Tutorial On Writing A 5th-Grade Opinion Essay

Writing opinion essays can be very scary at first. Let’s start by explaining some terms.

  • Thesis - the main topic your writing will be about. A statement that you make and then proceed to prove through the use of research, homework, previously read college dissertations, and citations.
  • Citations - a way in which you give credit to any information you share in your writing that you got from someone else’s previous writing. This means if you take and use a statement that you have read from an author of a book, article, review, blog, etc., you give the credit for that information to the author in your writing. You can give credit by directly stating something like, according to “author’s name” in “author’s book, article, blog, etc. title”, then proceed with the information you are sharing.
  • Dissertations - after required coursework, the final large piece of written work, usually done by graduate students who have conducted extensive research on their thesis. This final work is presented to a college board put together for that school year term, to be reviewed, in an effort to earn a Ph.D. The student can publish this paper at times and expanded on at a later date by that student or another with proper citations.
  • Freelance -writing for yourself, what you want, when you want, for whom you want, at any given time you want in order to gain experience, money, or recognition.

That’s getting way ahead of you, but you get the idea. Let’s get down to the task at hand. Don’t be nervous; follow these simple steps to help with writing your opinion essay and any other writing assignments requested of you.

Steps to writing a great opinion piece:

  • Do your homework - read the assignment you are to write about
  • Decide if you agree with what you have read - this is your opinion
  • If you agree, create a thesis statement about what you agree with
  • If you disagree, create a thesis statement about why you disagree
  • Expand on the statement in your introduction explaining your opinion and a couple statements defending your opinion
  • Research the original work for information supporting your point of view
  • Expand on your opinion with supporting information from the original work
  • Finish off with your conclusion restating your original statement with a couple of remarks supporting your argument

This is actually one of the easier papers to write as you have an opportunity to write about how you feel. The more you write them, the easier writing all types of essays will become. If you plan on continuing your education through college, this practice will be very helpful in writing future research papers. If you continue to a Ph.D. program, this practice could be very helpful in starting your dissertation. Throughout your education, you will be asked to write numerous essays, research papers, term papers, and creative freelance writing tasks. Dive in; get off to a great start. It will make life just a little bit easier in future homework writing assignments.

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