Smart Ways To Create A Conclusion For An Essay On School Uniforms

The conclusion of any essay is extremely important. It is the last thing that anyone reads when they are reading your article so it is, more than likely, what they will remember. Because of this, there are smart ways you can create your conclusion so it will be worth remembering. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Make the conclusion be the beginning of thought for your audience. Even though it is the end of your essay, hopefully it will make your reader think more or spark some further discussion.
  • Make your conclusion create a curiosity in your reader so they will want to learn more about your topic. Try to make your entire essay interesting enough that your reader will want to know more about the topic. Then in your conclusion, when you are tying everything up, you can blow them away with something interesting that will cause them to want to dig further into the topic.
  • Create a call-to-action so your reader will do something constructive after they have read your article. There are many ways you can do this depending on your topic. Maybe your topic is something about the environment and you can challenge your reader to help create a cleaner earth. Use your conclusion to make your reader do something as a result of reading the article.
  • Sometimes it is good to create some kind of controversy that will cause further discussion or action of some sort. Your conclusion may want to spark some kind of debate about your topic. You can give two differing viewpoints in your ending that will make your audience continue the argument.
  • Try to evoke some kind of emotion in your reader. Think of the different senses you can stimulate in your audience. The ending of your article should stimulate their sight, sound, touch, taste, or smell that will make the audience not forget your writing.

Your conclusion should be the fun part of your article. Remember, it is the last thing that your reader will be seeing so you want to make it worth remembering. People usually remember things that create emotion or force them to react in one way or another so try to do that with your conclusion. Any time you can make a person react to your story, chances are they will remember what you wrote.

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