7 Steps To Creating A Top-Quality Critical Analysis Essay

A critical analysis essayscrutinizes an article or work of other. The Reason for writing a critical essay is to determine efficacy of the published article or piece and how effectively it makes an argument or a point. These reviews are generally done for articles or books. Although other than books or articles you can also analysecinema, paintings, general art and other cultural and traditional things.Here you can introspect in to the author's rhetorical and descriptive approach.

The most important thing is that you have to maintain a focused mind and go through the detailed work of the person. As a critic you should judge the effectiveness and overall ability of the piece that you are dealing with. Let us go through some of the points which must be kept in mind to write a beautiful and precise critical piece.

  1. Identify the theme: First of all you need to determine what the author is arguing for. You must decipher the entire topic and make a total synopsis in your head. Try to identify one main theme for the enter topic that can help you to ascertain the central idea of the author.
  2. Note chief points: Note down all the important points of the topic. It would benefit you to write the essay in an eloquent manner and faster as you would have all the points ready.
  3. Describe your work in own words: Having a strong imagination power is one of the utmost needs to write an essay. Even for a critical analysis essay you need to describe the author’s idea and viewpoint in your own word. That will give your essay an added superiority.
  4. Identify the appeal: You should keep in mind three things: pathos, logos and ethos. Pathos signifies the author’s emotions in his/her writings. Logos signifies the use of logic and reason on the reader’s perspective. Ethos signifies the credibility given to author’s characters and viewpoint.
  5. Evaluate: You should evaluate the viewpoint of the author and convey the whole meaning to your reader.
  6. Balancing of ideas: You should balance all the points and never be judgemental about any topic. Critics should always give a mix review both positive and negative on the selected topic.
  7. Summarize: Do summarize your work and sum up all the key points. You should give examples but be brief in it. Overall the whole summary should not be more than one third of the body of the essay.

While concluding your whole work just estate the main point of your thesis and overall opinion which will create a great sum up for your work. Do focus on the main topic and go through it thoroughly. Never miss a point or misjudge any opinion.

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