How To Write A Good Explanatory Essay: 4 Elaborate Suggestions

And explanatory essay is fairly similar to a persuasive essay, in that you are discussing various points and arguments about a particular topic. However, unlike a persuasive paper, you do not necessarily need to try and persuade the reader about a specific point of view that you may be taking. Instead, you should try and explain all the different stances that can be taken on a particular subject, so as to help the reader make their own mind up.

  1. Choose a topic that has multiple possible arguments
  2. As mentioned, you will need to look at a particular topic from every different major stance that can be taken. As a result, is important that you choose a topic that isn’t completely one-sided, otherwise your work will be very dull. On the other hand, you do not want to pick a topic that has too many arguments, as it can take far too long to write the work or, alternatively, you simply won’t cover the topic in a sufficient amount of depth. Depending upon how long your paper needs to be will influence how money different arguments you will be able to make.

  3. Include arguments from all sides
  4. It is important that you do cover all of the different sides of the arguments that can be made. This will help to strengthen your essay as it will give a well-rounded and balanced view of things, and will demonstrate that you have carried out any necessary research.

  5. Include citations to reputable sources to back up any points that you make
  6. When writing any academic paper, it is a good idea to include details and information that come from other sources, so as to help back up any claims that you’re making. However, it is important that you include citations and references, so as to clearly indicate that the content has come from elsewhere. If you do not include citations and references then you cannot protect yourself against being accused of plagiarism.

  7. Use more than just the grammar and spellcheck functions on your word processor to check the work
  8. As useful as the grammar and spellcheck functions are on various word processors, they do not always catch every mistake. As a result, it is a good idea to potentially use other online checkers, or even pay a professional to check over the work for you.

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