Writing A Winning 6th Grade Compare And Contrast Essay

For students all over the world, the definitions of writing undergo a change as soon as they step into middle school. They are faced with new rules, words, breaking up paragraphs, and complex terms that they cannot wrap their fresh, nubile minds around. Thus, even writing a simple compare and contrast essay seems like a mammoth task. Worry not, here are some tips to help you pull through.

What are compare and contrast essays?

In simple words, a compare and contrast piece helps you present both aspects of the topic. By comparing, you strive to show the similarities between two aspects of a topic. By contrasting, you highlight the differences in the same.

What is the purpose of comparing and contrasting?

The purpose of this kind of writing is not so much as to take sides, but to throw light on the advantages and disadvantages of a topic. The compare and contrast piece is used to:

  • Provide information
  • Discuss the pros and cons of a topic
  • Present a well-rounded argument

How can you write a winning compare and contrast essay?

It’s quite easy, really. You just need to conduct a lot of research and know how to include it in your writing.

  • Do intensive research: The only thing worse than having too much to write is to not have anything. Thus, conduct thorough research on your topic. You can consult books, encyclopedias, newspapers, magazines, the internet and even people. When you start writing on your topic, you want to have enough information so as to help you formulate a rich, interesting piece. This can only happen if you know your topic inside out.
  • Learn how to filter: Of course, when you have a pile of information, the temptation to include every bit of it in your writing is strong. However, the hallmark of a good article is that while it might be stingy in length, but never in substance. Take careful note of your word limit, and filter out the most important points from your raw pile. Then, concentrate on refining them to present a coherent argument.
  • Pay equal attention to pros and cons: Unless the instructions tell you to, refrain from taking a side. Your job is to illuminate both sides of the coin, which can only be done objectively. Thus, if you write two paragraphs on cons, you should allot the same limit to pros.

These tips should help you write a winning 6th-grade compare and contrast paper. If you still need more help, you can always consult an elder, or even one of the numerous resources that dot the internet. You will surely find help of the best kind.

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