5 Distinctive Features Of A Well-Written Film Response Essay

What exactly is a film response essay? If you’ve got one to write, you’ll need to know! Well, as you might expect, a film response essay evaluates a particular film. To create a really well-written paper, here are 5 features that you can’t afford to not include!

  1. Introducing the film.
  2. Your essay should begin with an introduction that briefly introduces the movie you’re writing about. This could include things like: the title, the cast, the director, the director’s previous films. You should make this introduction short but interesting. Grab the reader’s attention so that they want to read the paper you’re presenting.

  3. Include a plot summary.
  4. Remember that the reader of your paper may not have seen the movie you are writing about. Therefore, after the introduction, you should include a plot summary. This should be very brief and simply cover the main plot details.

  5. What are the strengths?
  6. Next, you need to write about the film’s strengths. What was good about it? Perhaps a particular actor gave an exceptional performance, maybe the cinematography was the finest you’ve seen, or the special effects may have been out of this world! Before you begin writing your paper, make a list of the strengths of the movie, so you can then select and craft them into this segment of your paper.

  7. What are the weaknesses?
  8. You should also do the same with the movie’s weaknesses. Make a list of what was unsuccessful. Maybe an actress gave a particularly bad performance, perhaps the plot twists were to convoluted and unbelievable, or maybe the ending didn’t live up to expectations. Once you’ve made a list of the film’s weaknesses, like its strengths, you will be able to select and use your chosen points in your paper with more ease.

  9. A balanced conclusion.
  10. Ultimately, a good paper will be balanced, so make sure you get a good selection of both the good and bad aspects of the movie. When it comes to writing the conclusion, you should summarize these positives and negatives and weigh them up to give a final conclusive opinion. Your opinion should be balanced and take into account objective matters. For instance, perhaps the film is perfect for a younger audience but isn’t so suitable for an older movie-goer.

To write a really well-written piece, you will have to hone your paper as much as possible. Once you have a rough draft, read through it again and again. Edit and proofread it until it’s a blockbuster of an essay!

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