Inventing Good Rhetorical Essay Topics: Great Techniques

While it might not work well with the current global socio-political scenario, it is more than imperative that the art is not going to be obsolete anytime soon. A gamut of people are still interested in the art, and if you are in the academia, you might not have the choice too often. So how do you really go about writing a rhetorical essay?

Here are some great techniques that might just work wonders for you. There are essentially five major steps in creation of an effective rhetorical paper.


The creation of rhetorical papers demands the development of arguments at the very first stage. One of the first things that you will need to consider here is the many arrangements that are a part of the same argument. The development of the arguments in the essay must be original and you must also shy away from copying them from anybody else.

Post the development, you should look into the refinement of the argument. Essentially, this is where you ensure that the argument is water-tight.


In order to create the maximum impact through the argument, it is important that you arrange the paper in a way that the logical deduction in it is preserved. There are several people that often miss out on this and in the process tend to lose focus. Some points to consider are:

  • The continuity of space, time and motion must be maintained
  • Logical deduction is essential
  • Jumping off or skipping topics is not allowed


Few things in rhetorical compositions are as essential as style. It is basically the way you choose to compose the paper; the manner in which you present your thoughts in the arrangement. The figures of speech become all so important in the preserving and maintenance of style in the paper.

Make sure to use a style that is unique and natural to you. On numerous occasions, young scholars end up plagiarizing while trying to copy the style of another researcher.


The role of memory is integral to the creation of rhetorical papers. You are often assigned with the task of presenting the rhetoric before an audience besides creating it. Make sure that you learn and memorize the paper (especially the important parts of it) from cover to cover.

Action or delivery

The way in which deliver or present the rhetorical essay actually decides the level of impact that the essay is going to make on the audience. Believe in the power of gestures and body language to help yourself with the proposal.

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