Creating A Powerful Conclusion For An Informative Essay 

An informative essay won’t look complete without a strong conclusion. In your final paragraph, you should not only summarize the content of your paper but also leave a lasting impression on the reader. How can you accomplish this task effectively? The following tips will help you create a powerful conclusion for your expository piece of writing:

Brainstorming stage

  • Ask “So what?”
  • Think about the argument you developed in your paper and ask yourself: “So what?” Why are these ideas important? How does the reader benefit from getting this information?

    Jot down main ideas.

    In your conclusion, you should mention all the major points from your argument. By listing them now, you will avoid missing any important ideas in your final paragraph.

  • Turn to the themes from your introduction.
  • If you opened your paper with a certain theme, remember to return to it in your final paragraph. This trick will give your work a sense of closure.

  • Look at your argument in a new context.
  • If you do so, your reader will understand that the arguments you made can be applied for a variety of different topics.

Writing stage

  • Start with a brief summary of your main points.
  • Read the topic sentences from the essay body and rewrite their main ideas in different words. This strategy will reinforce the argument developed in your paper and help you unite all major points in one layer.

  • Don’t be too wordy.
  • The conclusion shouldn’t be too long. Don’t use more than five to seven sentences to close your informative paper.

  • Restate your thesis.
  • The conclusion is very much the same as the introductory paragraph. Therefore, the thesis statement is a must. Try to restate it in an interesting way.

  • Sound authoritative.
  • Believe in what you say, use the right words, and don’t apologize for your views in the conclusion. Your reader should be convinced that the information you provide is true.

  • End effectively.
  • The last sentence of your conclusion should be the strongest one. Here are some ways to wrap up your essay effectively:

    • Add some irony.
    • Play on words and show an ironic aspect of the argument provided. This trick will make your conclusion sound provocative.

    • Appeal to emotions.
    • If your essay is informative, it isn’t supposed to be dry. Appeal to the reader’s emotions, but don’t overplay it. Your conclusion should correspond to the tone of your whole paper.

The introduction and body of your work make a solid background for your conclusion. Refer to these sections and apply the aforementioned tips to conclude your informative paper effectively.

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