How Do You Write A Persuasive Essay About Zombie Apocalypse?

Do you want to make your classmates share your ideas? Do you want to convince them that you are right and others are wrong regarding a certain issue? Well, you have the chance to do all this if you write a persuasive essay. Indeed, to write about a zombie apocalypse might be tricky, but it perfectly possible as long as you follow the requirements of the essay. Make sure that you pay attention to every small detail; even the most insignificant thing can compromise your project. Take this into consideration when you work on your persuasive composition:

  • Be realistic. The topic is not exactly an easy one, and going too far with your imagination will not help you at all. You will have to be innovative, but at the same time keep a balanced tone. Otherwise you will find yourself converting this composition into a Sci-Fi story.

  • Try to bring something new. Most of your colleagues know a lot of things about Zombies from movies, books and video games. This means that you have to be careful on what information you introduce in your composition. If possible, try to imagine some new features, some new possibilities that will surprise your colleagues.

  • Bring arguments. In this kind of text you have to convince others to believe in a certain idea. Obviously, you can not achieve this if you only write your personal opinions and preferences; you have to bring arguments. Since the topic is so challenging, it is okay to invent some arguments; you don’t have to rely on facts.

  • Introduce quotes and references. This is a great way to make your composition look more professional and complete. Of course, this also means that you have to mention the source at the end of your project; neglecting this can destroy all your hard work.

  • Don’t forget to add a smart conclusion. The end of your text is as important as the beginning. If the entire text is professional but the end is weak, all the readers will be disappointed. In the last lines you have to establish if you used enough arguments to prove your point. Also, you can write your personal opinion regarding this issue, no matter how extreme it is. In general it is recommended to write your opinion in maximum two or three lines.
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